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I bought 40 yrds of linen.

Enough for 4 cotehardies and 2 men's 14th century tunics.

(As if I didn't have enough fabric...)

I bought it as the first day we were there, a small tornado hit, knocking my tent over completely. I hadn't set anything up yet, just shoved all my stuff in my tent. The garment bag, with the gown that was pink linen before I dyed it puple, got wet. The purple dye got all over my parti-colored cotehardie (the pink and blue one), thus ruining it.

So I need new medieval clothes. :)

Life Update

Ugh. I feel like I've been running non-stop all year.

Sunday hit hard. My dear friend Arnolde passed away, due to complications from a burst appendix.
We're all reeling from it.

I leave for War very very soon. I have three cotehardies and a class to finish, along with a canopy to finish. So. Much. Sewing. But also a funeral, overtime at work, bridal shower present to wrap and a huge fencing practice on Sunday.

At least I got to buy smaller (actual) running clothes for my workouts. My pants match my bright blue running shoes. :)

Just an FYI

Yes, still here.

Not for long. I'm deleting all my entries and getting rid of my LJ- I just don't have time for it and I want to keep up with my blog.

I say, over by 3/29?


These are my BIRTHDAY shoes.
And they are fabulous.

Okay, so it's a bad picture.
 However, I can now say for certain that I can, in fact, walk in a 6" heel.

Hopefully I'll do a year-in-review post soon, it's just been so stinkin' busy at my house in the past few months.

Long time no post...

I'm bummed out. I can't access my Blogger blog right now.

However, I am:

1) Gainfully employed, in 2 jobs- one is for a play, which is eating my free time. I'm doing the fight choreography, which is a lot of work, but fun! And I'm getting paid.

2) Not making much progress on anything. I'm trying to finish up the UFO stash- which means nothing new until I (get sick of and throw in a corner) deplete the stash.

I'm thinking a new Gothic Fitted Gown for 12th Night. I need pictures too of some of things I finished.... hmmm...

The Florentine Cupcake.

  The Inspiration Portrait (Eleanor of Toledo)

The Dress (almost finished!)

I popped the side back seams because I sewed the sleeves too much (if that makes any sense! The sleeves are sewn onto the straps). Doesn't matter, as I need to make the bodice front smaller. Again. I have the worst time getting these stupid things to fit. The toiles are always perfect, but then when it's done? Nope.

The sleeves are not an exact replica and there's a good reason for that. I read that the theory is, after I I had painstakingly sewn the sleeves together by hand, that the upper folded-over flappy thing in the Portrait is part of her sleeve and not a separate piece (which is what I was going for). So no funky sleeve this time.

I call it the cupcake dress because the ribbon rosettes, each with a pearl in the center, reminded me of frosting. There are about 80 of those rosettes on the dress. Oy. All handsewn on.

I also need a parlet. And to fix the hem in the front, as it's too long. Other than that, it's good to go!


So... The Starry Night Gown...

Okay... so the sleeves aren't quite right...the neckline is obviously different (but this one works better on my body type).... the embellishment isn't finished... but other than that? An excessively comfy and pretty dress. Lots of embellishment to continue on with!

That picture was taken on Drinky Court/ Midnight Madness evening... and I am not sure what was in that drink besides some really yummy V-8 Fruit stuff and alcohol, but it was delicious and kept me warm all evening! Thank you Bjarki! ;)

Since when is it August?!?!?


Apparently I haven't posted in a month.

This is due to the Pennsic Packing and Planning, followed by the event itself.

I'm waiting for some pictures taken by others of my new clothes. I didn't finish the Florentine gown but I'm thinking it will be ready for Coronation in September.

I'm plotting out more Gothic gowns, along with Norse/Rus clothes for the Honey. I have a tunic pattern that I know fits him (just needs longer sleeves) and I have to re-sort my fabric.

However, the most important mission I have ahead of me this month?

GETTING A JOB. And subsequently, paying off what I owe to my mother, buying a car, studying for the MCAT, taking the MCAT, and moving to West Virginia. But that last bit won't happen until my Sister has her baby in December.

I will have a Post-Pennsic briefing later.

Current Work

Y'all remember this post?

I making it into this for Pennsic.

Yup. I've got the bodice sewn, final fitting tomorrow. The sleeves are together and ready for the button-like embellishments. I still don't know what to do about the skirt. I'm thinking a sheer partlet for now since I have some super light silk organza hiding in my stash. I have 2 weeks.


I have achieved the Gothic Fitted Gown!

Of course, can I get it to photograph right? No. Love the fabric but you can't see the fit right! It's very weird.

I want MORE. I just don't want to handsew all those damn eyelets.