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Since when is it August?!?!?


Apparently I haven't posted in a month.

This is due to the Pennsic Packing and Planning, followed by the event itself.

I'm waiting for some pictures taken by others of my new clothes. I didn't finish the Florentine gown but I'm thinking it will be ready for Coronation in September.

I'm plotting out more Gothic gowns, along with Norse/Rus clothes for the Honey. I have a tunic pattern that I know fits him (just needs longer sleeves) and I have to re-sort my fabric.

However, the most important mission I have ahead of me this month?

GETTING A JOB. And subsequently, paying off what I owe to my mother, buying a car, studying for the MCAT, taking the MCAT, and moving to West Virginia. But that last bit won't happen until my Sister has her baby in December.

I will have a Post-Pennsic briefing later.