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Things I do to avoid sewing eyelets.

Yup. I've got something like 32 or so eyelets to sew on my Gothic Fitted Gown. And I don't wanna. I hate sewing eyelets.

So I did this instead.

Before, ugly red suede. I got this on deep discount at Target and wanted it for Pennsic (more storage!)

And magically, with the help of a staple gun and some lovely upholstery fabric I got awhile ago, I  now have a pretty ottoman. The corners kinda suck but I don't think it looks that bad, considering it's the first thing I've ever re-upholstered.



I can't remember when I got this fabric, but I managed to forget that I had it.

As it's on a cardboard roll, I had rolled my velvet on top of it to keep the velvet nice. Ergo, I forgot I had it.

I'm thinking a Florentine Sottana, circa 1560, worn with my 16th ce stays.



  Love this dress. I'm currently making my own version of it in navy 'silvered' linen, with a silver silk guard at the bottom, belled sleeves lined in silver silk, and light blue undersleeves. My Starry Night Gown.



This might just be...

...the fabric for my summer 16th century French Gown.
Yep, I am fully aware of the fact that dupioni silk is probably not an appropriate choice for the type of Gown I'll be trying.

However, I don't care. I need to use up my fabric stash and I want a pretty pretty princess gown.

  The gown style.

Funny Picture

At least I think it is. GAWD do I have a short torso and big boobs or what?!?! Sheesh. Sleeves are too snug (biceps) and the bust isn't supported enough, so the shoulders and underbust will get worked on. Overall? Really awesome to go totally period, underwear (or lack thereof) and all. :)


I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a month!


My internet crapped out on me, for starters. Then there was a mad dash of SCA Events, along with finishing off my first Gothic Fitted Gown (yay! I used theoretical sewing techniques!)...and a very special visit.

My Man, my love, he came to Michigan to visit. :)
We only had a few days together but it was lovely. Things have not been going well for him the past 6months and it was a relief to finally be together.

I also had a serious moment with my SCA life, wherein I just wanted to leave everything and not do it anymore, but I talked myself out of it. It was rough.

One of these days I will find my camera to post, but right now.... it's dinner. :)

Cotehardie progress...

So far, so good.

I ended up using a light green linen with yellow linen for lining, as the original choice of fabric did not have enough yardage. I cut it all out on Sunday and sewed a bunch on Wednesday. The gore placement was tricky; I put one side gore up higher than the other and the back was too high as well. A quick run with the seam ripper and the gores are now placed correctly. I'm handsewing the tops of the gores (of course) and all the raw edges will be turned and whip-stitched down. 

That's a lot of handsewing. All of the seams are raw edged, at the moment.

I'm working on a vine-like pattern for the sleeves, which have yellow forearms. There will also be embroidery around the neckline but I'll get to that after the front lacing eyelets are finished (at least 20, oy). Don't forget the 18-per-sleeve buttonholes to do. Those will be done with a machine.

Lots to do, two weeks to do it. Eep.



I am rather proud of myself today.

Yesterday, with the initial aid of my Mom, a new pattern for my favorite style of dress, the 14th century gown (aka Cotehardie, Gothic Fitted Dress, etc) was drafted. I used an amalgamation of instructions from Tasha McGann, Mathilda Bourette, and Robin Netherton.

That's right. There's no modern support in this dress. It's all up to the fabric.

The mock-up went fairly well, except when Mom basted the bust shut for me while in the mock up and sewed it *to* my tank top then left to go to the store. I had to wear the tank top in order to approximate the chemise underneath (which will also be made with this pattern). Getting the curve on the bust was a bit hard but I managed. The neckline got screwed up, but when I transferred the pattern to paper I fixed it. I'm not very symmetrical, according to this pattern, but that's okay.  Overall an interesting adventure.

The real challenge will be cutting out the gown and sewing it together. I hope it works! I hate wasting fabric.

Maybe I'll even take pictures.

Hey Look! Actual Sewing Content!

Looks like I've been a bit lax in posting, as of late. Here's a UFO I finished back in January.

I had taken apart this awesome coat-weight wool cloak I had last summer; it was way too heavy as a cloak and near choked me every time I wore it. I was determined to make it into a medievaloid coat. Which is what I started, last summer, until I realized I sewed it wrong and forgot to cut a lining. Then Life happened and I couldn't work on it. January came around.... I needed something warm for Winter Revel... voila.

I knew I had saved my lavender silk dupioni for something! The whole coat fit on 4 yrds of 60" wide silk. The gores for the bottom of the coat are a little awkward, but they work.

This coat wasn't intended to be figure flattering- it's just meant to be warm. I needle-felted the white design onto the wool (on the front and on the sleeves) and put a few pearls here and there to make it a little more interesting. The purple guards were all hand-sewn and didn't take that long, which was nice. The fur is rabbit- I still have a few pelts leftover. I need to make a hat to go with the coat. Overall it kept me very cozy... it might be too warm of a coat to bring to Pennsic but I will anyways just in case.

The awesome part about using period-correct materials? When my coat got covered in snow (and consequently wet since I was so warm my body-heat melted it) I stood in front of the fire in the cabin and watched the steam curl off. I could smell the fabric drying and it only took about 15 minutes! Awesome.

And THIS is my fabric score from one of the best in the Midwest, Haberman's. I stopped in there yesterday since I was on that side of the State for a class.Granted, they are all 1.5yrds or less remnants, but how else am I gonna afford duchesse silk satin???? So luxurious! The left-most coal silk is dupioni and the other three are silk satin, the white and blue duchesse and the charcoal just plain satin. I think I might make reticules or corsets. Something beautiful for gorgeous fabric.


I just dropped $100 on about 30 cts worth of sapphires, topaz, amethyst, emeralds, rutilated quartz, and citrine. I'll post a pic when I find my camera this afternoon.

*Edit* : Starting from the Top Left hand corner, going clockwise in a spiral (american quarter for reference) : 6 Amethyst cabochons, 15 garnet cabochons, 3 square emeralds, 1 oval garnet, 1 pear-shaped pink tourmaline, 1 cushion cut garnet, 6 round amethysts with 2 marquise amethysts and 2 round peridots, 1 barely blue topaz, 1 lavender amethyst, 1 rutilated quartz cabochon (11 carats!), 1 silver topaz with 2 small white sapphires, and 1 round citrine. I made out like a bandit and I got a Skype Date this afternoon with my Man! Awesome day. :)